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What are the types of injunctions in Florida?

December 21, 2023 in Family Violence Injunctions

In Florida, there are five types of protection orders, and for each one, the person seeking the injunction (the petitioner) needs to show certain things in court:

Domestic Violence Injunction: The petitioner must show that they are either currently experiencing domestic violence or are likely to become a victim of it soon.

Dating Violence Injunction: The petitioner needs to prove that they have been harmed or are in danger of being harmed by someone they are dating or have dated.

Sexual Violence Injunction: Here, the petitioner has to demonstrate that they have been a victim of sexual violence.

Repeat Violence Injunction: The petitioner must show that they have been harmed multiple times (at least twice) by the same person.

Stalking Injunction: The petitioner must prove that they are being stalked, which means someone is repeatedly following or harassing them in a way that makes them scared or uncomfortable.

Court proceedings for each type of injunction are slightly different from one another. Sadly, many victims make mistakes when seeking an injunction on their own, and it’s often difficult for a lawyer to correct them. Our former prosecutors have extensive experience trying and winning injunction cases. If you’re in need of protection from any type of interpersonal violence, call Shemtov Hillstrom at (954) 329-2222 to schedule a phone or office consultation.

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