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Your Rights During a Trial Separation

It’s not uncommon for clients to seek a trial separation from their spouse before committing to a divorce.  Florida law does not recognize “legal separation” — you’re either married or you aren’t.  You’re free to live a completely separate life, but until a judge orders your marriage dissolved, you remain entangled with your spouse. If you’re considering a trial separation, it’s wise to consult with an experienced family law trial attorney to protect yourself during your time apart.  A post-nuptial or separation agreement may be a good vehicle to establish an enforceable plan for your assets, liabilities, child care, and even spousal support. Trial separations can help troubled couples work through their issues, and get their marriages on track.  But just in case the separation does not lead to reconciliation, contact our experienced family law trial attorneys are available for consultation to discuss your situation. Call us at (954) 329-2222 to schedule an appointment at our Davie or Fort Lauderdale office, or via remote teleconferencing technology.

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