The appellate court for Naples reversed a final divorce judgment in which numerous investment and banking accounts were classified as marital assets, meaning they were subject to equitable distribution.  In this ten-year marriage, neither spouse worked, but instead lived off “passive income and funds from [the husband’s] non-marital accounts as well as loans from his.. read more →

An appeals court for Florida’s Gulf coast reversed an attorney’s charging lien lodged against assets his former client was awarded in the final divorce judgment.  A charging lien is often levied by an attorney who feels he is owed money by a client.  In divorce cases, the lien can attach to assets distributed to a.. read more →

One of Florida’s five district appeals courts reversed a wife’s permanent alimony award, because the family court judge failed to consider whether another form of alimony was fair and reasonable given the two spouses’ circumstances.  Florida law states a judge must consider whether a non-permanent form of alimony should or could be ordered. The case was.. read more →