Broward County’s appeals court recently overturned a local mother’s termination of parental rights.  In this dependency case, the Department of Children and Families failed to prove there was no reasonable basis to believe that the mother would improve regarding her alcoholism. D.C.F. had failed to call any expert witnesses, and the mother had actually successfully.. read more →

The appeals court for north Florida reversed an order finding an ex-husband in contempt of court for failing to comply with the terms of his property settlement agreement.  While a family court judge generally has the authority to use its contempt power to enforce orders, that power does not extend to property settlements that equitably.. read more →

Most family courts in Florida employ magistrates to help move along cases.  Magistrates are not judges, and they can only hear cases with the consent of all parties.  Two prisoners, convicted of murder, were engaged in divorce proceedings that were referred to a magistrate.  The husband objected to the magistrate hearing the case, but the.. read more →

A former wife succeeded in having a domestic violence injunction issued against her ex-husband.  At her hearing on the petition for injunction, the wife testified about a history of abuse during their marriage (which ended two years prior), and stated that she saw her ex-husband’s new girlfriend with black eyes.  The appellate court on Florida’s.. read more →

A north Florida appeals court upheld an injunction against domestic violence issued after a former wife proved she was being stalked at her injunction hearing.  Stalking can occur when unwanted communications are sent to another party with no legitimate purpose.  Here, the ex-wife proved she received text messages showing photos of a noose, firearms and.. read more →