Modification to Prior Orders

It’s possible a change in circumstances entitles you to modify your parenting plan, alimony or child support order. If so, you should prepare for a contested court hearing.

Time-Sharing and Parenting Plan Modification

You would need to prove, in court, your circumstances have substantially, materially changed, and that a modification of your parenting plan or time-sharing schedule is necessary. Anytime you need to convince your family court judge of a material fact, you should rely on experienced litigators to handle your courtroom presentation.

Child Support Modification

Changes in income, expenses or your time-sharing schedule may support a modification of the child support you’re receiving or providing. While Florida’s child support guidelines are used to calculate obligations, “soft” changes such as your time caring for child may need to be proven to your family court judge.

You’ll read it over and over on this website: anytime you’ll need to convince your judge of a material fact, you should rely on experienced trial attorneys that know how to make a case.

Alimony Modification

Most alimony orders can be modified under certain circumstances, such as a change in income, retirement or remarriage. As with child support and parenting plan modifications, a change in alimony will likely need to be ordered by your family court judge.

Our seasoned family law trial attorneys are ready to discuss your case. To discuss the need for modifications, please call Shemtov Hillstrom at (954) 329-2222 to set up a consultation in our Fort Lauderdale office.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

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