Family Violence Injunctions

Our former prosecutors have extensive experience advocating for victims of domestic violence, repeat violence and stalking.  It’s relatively easy to file for an injunction (restraining order), but it’s difficult to win an injunction hearing.  Many victims try to handle these hearings themselves, but usually fail to adequately plead their case in their petition, and rarely know the rules of evidence and procedure that a family court judge must follow. Since leaving the Office of the State Attorney, each of our experienced trial attorneys has prosecuted domestic violence injunctions for private clients.  Many divorce and paternity cases have domestic violence issues, so we’re able to litigate issues of violence in ways most “divorce lawyers” cannot.

If you or your child is a victim of violence, you can protect your family by seeking an injunction, on top of whatever relief you’re seeking through divorce or a paternity actions.  If you’re in immediate danger, call 911; but if you are in a safe place, call us at (954) 329-2222 to schedule a free consultation in our Fort Lauderdale office.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

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