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Does my boyfriend have to pay child support if we live together?

December 13, 2023 in Child and Spousal Support (Alimony), Child Custody and Time-Sharing, Paternity Actions

The obligation to pay child support in Florida is independent of the living arrangements of the parents. Even if you and your boyfriend live together, he may still be required to pay child support, especially if there is an existing child support order in place. This obligation is based on the premise that both parents are financially responsible for their child, regardless of whether they reside in the same household.

If your boyfriend is the non-custodial parent (the parent who does not have primary custody) and there is a court-ordered child support agreement, he must continue to make these payments as stipulated in the order. The fact that you are living together does not automatically negate his obligation to pay child support.

However, if living together leads to a change in custody arrangements or financial responsibilities for the child, either you or your boyfriend may seek a modification of the child support order. The court will consider the new circumstances, including changes in income, time spent with the child, and overall expenses for the child’s care. It’s important to note that any modification to the child support order must be approved by the court; parties cannot unilaterally decide to stop or change the payment amount.

Living together does not automatically exempt a parent from paying child support in Florida. The existing child support arrangement should be followed unless legally modified by the court.

If you have questions about how living arrangements affect child support obligations or need assistance with modifying a child support order in Florida, we are here to help. Contact Shemtov Hillstrom at (954) 329-2222 to arrange a consultation with our expert trial attorneys. We can provide you with the legal guidance necessary to navigate these complex situations and ensure that your child’s financial needs are met in accordance with Florida law. Let us help you understand your rights and obligations in this matter.

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