Florida Family Law FAQs

Can a mother deny the father visitation?

January 5, 2024 in Child Custody and Time-Sharing, Divorce, Paternity Actions

A mother in Florida cannot unilaterally deny the father visitation rights unless there are specific, court-ordered reasons to do so. Our laws typically favor both parents having a relationship with their child, as reflected in Florida’s timesharing statute. If the parents have a court-approved parenting plan, both must adhere to it. If a mother believes the father poses a risk to the child, she must seek a modification of the visitation order through the court. The court will then consider various factors, including any evidence of harm or potential harm to the child, before deciding on modifying visitation rights. It’s important to remember that decisions about visitation are based on the child’s best interests, not the preferences of either parent.

If you’re facing challenges with visitation rights and wondering about the legalities of a parent denying the other timesharing in Florida, Shemtov Hillstrom can help. Contact us at (954) 329-2222 to schedule a consultation with our trial attorneys. We’ll provide the expert guidance you need to navigate these complex situations in the best interest of your child.

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