Splitting up is hard. Let us handle the rough stuff.

If you’re looking considering ending your Broward County marriage, you will need to protect yourself and your family. We won’t lie: it’s a stressful process. Let our experienced trial attorneys handle the rough stuff and guide you through the process.

If You’re Considering a Trial Separation

It’s not as simple as you might think, because Florida law does not recognize “legal separation” in family court.  Family law trial attorneys Tal Shemtov and Carter Hillstrom are available to counsel you on the ways you can protect yourself before your trial separation.

If You’re Seeking a Divorce

If you’re seeking a divorce, our experienced family law litigators can guide you through the process.  Our lawyers are experienced trial attorneys and former Broward County prosecutors, and are ready to advise you on any domestic and family law issues that are bound for a courtroom.

Child Custody and Time-Sharing

You may be worried about the amount of time you’ll be able to spend with your child after your marriage has concluded.  Our experienced family law trial attorneys will fight for your right to provide the best upbringing for your child.

Property and Asset Distribution

Your home, your car, your savings, your retirement or pension, your small business… in a divorce case, every single asset belonging to you and your family could be at stake.  The division of property, assets and liabilities is a crucial part of any divorce case.  It’s usually not as simple as making a list and divvying everything up; smart family lawyers treat divorce cases like the complex litigation it should be, and will fight for every piece of marital property their clients are entitled to.

Stress-Free Access When You Want It

Dealing with family problems or criminal charges is stressful, and every client handles the anxiety differently. Some clients take a “hands-off” approach to their case; others want to know as much about their case as possible.  Our clients deserve to have access to their lawyer when they want it. Every single client gets our cell phone numbers.

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Call (954) 329-2222 anytime to speak with one of our experienced Broward County family law trial attorneys.  We’re available to set up a free consultation about your divorce, parenting and property concerns in our Fort Lauderdale or Davie offices, or via teleconference.