The appeals court for Florida’s Gulf coast reversed a final judgment dissolving a marriage, because the trial court erroneously classified three cars as marital assets.  The former husband bought a truck before the marriage.  Each spouse bought a car after the petition for divorce was filed.  Because the filing for divorce is the cut-off for.. read more →

The appeals court for north Florida reversed an order finding an ex-husband in contempt of court for failing to comply with the terms of his property settlement agreement.  While a family court judge generally has the authority to use its contempt power to enforce orders, that power does not extend to property settlements that equitably.. read more →

The appellate court for Naples reversed a final divorce judgment in which numerous investment and banking accounts were classified as marital assets, meaning they were subject to equitable distribution.  In this ten-year marriage, neither spouse worked, but instead lived off “passive income and funds from [the husband’s] non-marital accounts as well as loans from his.. read more →