A northern Florida appeals court reversed a court order finding an underemployed ex-husband willingly declined a $120,000 job. The former husband lost his $150,000/year job in logistics, and took on a new career in real estate.  He earned only $38,000 in his first year, but pursued that career to spend more time with his children. .. read more →

Tampa’s appeals court reversed a child support order in which a former husband was found to be voluntarily underemployed.  The former husband was a stay-at-home dad during marriage, but during the last year of marriage, he gained his real estate license and started driving for Uber.  Seizing on the former husband’s testimony that he hoped.. read more →

After a final order of dissolution of marriage commanded him to pay child support and his wife’s attorneys’ fees, a former husband found himself jailed for contempt of court after failing to make payments.  The family court judge found the ex-husband had the ability to pay, but the Florida appellate court reversed orders finding him.. read more →

Florida’s appellate court for central Florida dismissed an appeal brought by a former spouse who was on the losing end of multiple orders from the family court judge.  The former spouse lost his job and petitioned the court to modify his child support order.  Not only did he lose that battle, but he was ordered.. read more →