15 Jun 2020
June 15, 2020

Alimony calculation reversed

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North Florida’s appeals court reversed an order for a former wife to pay $2,000 a month, for five years, to her former husband.  When determining alimony, a trial court must determine: (1) the party’s need for support, (2) the other party’s ability to pay, (3) the types of alimony appropriate in the case, and (4).. read more →

A Broward County family court judge erred by preventing a former husband from calling his ex-wife as a witness during an alimony modification hearing, a local appeals court ruled.  The ex-husband was attempting to prove his former wife was untruthful in her financial affidavit, but the judge denied him the opportunity to prove his case. .. read more →

After a final order of dissolution of marriage commanded him to pay child support and his wife’s attorneys’ fees, a former husband found himself jailed for contempt of court after failing to make payments.  The family court judge found the ex-husband had the ability to pay, but the Florida appellate court reversed orders finding him.. read more →

One of Florida’s five district appeals courts reversed a wife’s permanent alimony award, because the family court judge failed to consider whether another form of alimony was fair and reasonable given the two spouses’ circumstances.  Florida law states a judge must consider whether a non-permanent form of alimony should or could be ordered. The case was.. read more →